LTF-A816AB-120 LED Light Bar

LTF-A816AB-120 LED Light bar

LTF-A816AB-120 Warning LED Lightbars / Police LED Light bars / Emergeny LED Lightbars / Vehicle led light bars

-Voltage: 10-30VDC or 12V/24V
-Generation 5 TIR Spot Beam LED technology
-15' cable and Self contained internal flasher with programme switch box
- Fully encapsulated, fully weatherproof.
- TIR design with clear lens for stealth look
- 15 Selectable flash patterns
- Includes wire harness for easy installation
- Included are 12 primary warning modules, 6 Traffic Advisor modules, 2 Take Down Lights and 2 Alley Lights. White modules can be left on steady burn, flashing and on the OFF position.
- Gutter Brackets included for mounting
- Integrated Traffic Direction feature
- Increased vehicle fuel efficiency
- Dimensions:Length: 48" x Width: 11.8" x Height 2.7"
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